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"I am very satisfied with the numerous chats I’ve had with Chris. He’s been especially helpful and a positive element into my project. I plan to continue to work with him when I finish my prototype, probably in the new year."

Leather Prototype Workshop in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

My name is Chris Walker. I am an American living in Ho Chi Minh. I’ve been working in the Vietnamese manufacturing industry since 2008. I work with Tham Cao and a team of sourcing experts who have experience in sourcing industry in Vietnam and introducing customers to the leading leather bags manufacturing companies in the country. No matter whether you are seeking for a laptop bag made of genuine leather or hunting for some exquisite fashionable bag, you can get a wide assortment of designs in our store.

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Tram knows leather bag manufacturing

Leather Goods Prototype & Samples

Do you have an idea and a real design but you do not know where to get started with a prototype and finally, production?

You may feel frustrated about the time that you must wait until you see the first physical interpretation of what we have in mind. Getting a physical prototype with which you can easily work, write on and amend is highly appreciated by the creative team of a particular project. For some industries it might be difficult to find an inexpensive material with similar aspect and behaviour to the material that will be finally used for making the product. Prototype making saves time and money and favours the development of positive and productive experiences between designers and manufacturers.

Our leather prototype workshop in Ho Chi Minh is here to help your project succeed!

We have a team skilled leather professionals can help design and improve your product. Whether you have an idea and we need to work from scratch or if you already have a product that needs improvement, don’t hesitate to contact us (details below).

Our leather prototyping and leather production method is clear and simple; we discuss the product and price, make a design and produce a sample that fits your requirements. Generally, for this activity we are provided with the technical data sheet requirements with textiles, accessories, covers and other details.


After the final sample, the leather, lining and filler phase follows through the automated cutting and/or with the use of column shearing machines.

Leather Goods Production

We produce all sorts of leather goods starting from small amounts to large scale orders. Our clients benefit from our other production work and leather buying. Wether you want to start small or need a bigger production, we are here for you!

Contact us for small or large scale orders by filling this form.

Sourcing in Vietnam Services

We do sourcing consulting
We introduce you to factories in Vietnam
factory visits Vietnam
costing service Vietnam
Factory assessments in Vietnam
Merchandise Vietnam
Quality control service Vietnam
Staff recruiting Vietnam
Hosting service Vietnam


1. You send us your request for product details and factory requirements

2. We confirm that factory introductions is the cost effective solution for you; or explain our other services

3. We check our database or ask around our network to identify the right factory for you

4. We describe the factory to you

5. You pay our service fee

6. We give you the factory contact details and you contact them directly

7. We standby to assist you further with quotation and sample request.

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